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United Way Responds to Increase Agency Requests

The 2023 Shelby County United Way campaign is underway, returns are coming in and companies are responding. But for the past two years the United Way partner agencies have been impacted by inflation and higher costs while trying to serve their clients. The United Way received a quarter of a million dollars in increased funding requests this past spring. Labor costs to retain and attract dedicated employees and operational supply costs are impacting their budgets.

To help drive additional revenue to assist the partner agencies, the Shelby County United Way introduced the 110% Club this year. This is as a way to recognize company and individual donors that increase their gift by 10% or more from the previous year’s annual campaign. This is an ongoing recognition. Each year a donor increases their gift 10%, they will be recognized.

We have many donors, both in the workplace payroll campaign and in the Cornerstone Leadership Giving that have been very generous over the years. The same donation made within the last 10 years does not go as far. Scott Barr, United Way president and CEO, said “By increasing your gift by 10% or more than last year you will help us close the operational gap that our partner agencies have so they can continue to provide the much-needed services in our community. 100% of all increased donations will go towards the allocation budget in the spring.”

The Shelby County United Way is a local 501c3 non-profit organization that has earned the highest rating from Charity Navigator nine out of the past 10 years. Monies raised in the annual campaign are invested locally under the leadership and direction of our local volunteer Board of Directors and Community Allocation Volunteers. Through the first week of the campaign, the campaign total is $332,043. Donors can make payroll contributions with participating employers or make a one time or reoccurring donation by visiting www.shelbycountyunitedway.org or text “Shelby” to 40403. Checks can be made payable to Shelby County United Way and mailed to P.O. Box 751, Sidney.