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United Way Closing the Gap to 2022 Goal

SIDNEY – The Shelby County United Way has exceeded $1 million raised for the 2022 campaign as of the finale luncheon at the Shelby County Veterans Center on Nov. 3. The goal for the year is $1.35 million. Additional donations are expected over the next several weeks.

Campaign Chair Duane Gaier and Board Chair Chad Hollinger expressed their gratitude for the campaign and the work being done in the community with the help of the funds raised.

“Without folks in the community working and making the community better and those out raising funds, Shelby County would not be where it is today,” Gaier said.

“As we are tender to leading and place ourselves in a position to where we can serve others, amazing things happen, and through this campaign, and the work that Duane and the campaign has done, the division leaders, amazing things are happening in Shelby County. I’m just so thankful that I’m able to be a part of this,” Hollinger said.

The division reports so far for 2022 are as follows:

Cornerstone and Special Gifts, with division co-leaders Jayne Smith and Emily Neu, reported $59,666, which is about $11,000 over the amount raised in 2021.

The Education Division, with division co-leaders Amy Simindinger and Tiffany Rank, reported $46,813, which is only about $1,000 below the 2021 report. Rank was also recognized for 10 years of volunteering.

With division co-leaders Traci Milanese and Rachel Hale, Not-For-Profits raised $24,612 – only about $20 less than 2021.

Public Employees, with division co-leaders Andrew Bowsher, Jodie Siegel and Bob Guillozet, reported $43,834, which is about $11,000 over the 2021 amount.

The Retail Division, with division leader Jackie Davis, saw $38,018, about a $1,000 increase from 2021. Shelby County United Way President and CEO Scott Barr said this division is waiting on two accounts and the final number will be close to $40,000.

The Service Division, with division co-leaders Mark Shipman and Chris North, raised $236,200, which is almost a $2,000 increase from 2021.

Health Care, with division co-leaders Mark Klosterman and Jennifer Huelskamp, reported $50,990, about a $2,000 decrease from 2021.

The Professional Division, with division leader Ashley Himes, remained mostly the same as 2021 with $112,852 raised.

Small Manufacturing, with division leader Jason Wagner, saw an almost $4,000 increase from 2021 with $39,384 raised.

Large Manufacturing, with division co-leaders Mickey Hamer and Ed Thomas, raised $352,038, which is about a $17,000 increase from 2021. Barr said the Airstream and Climate Technologies/Copeland campaigns are still working and are not complete.

Community Development Director Emily Neu added that new participants this year included 13 companies, two school districts and over 500 individuals, totaling about $110,000 in additional funds. Out of the finalized campaigns, 20 companies have significantly increased their donations, meaning they had growth of over $1,000. The total growth from these companies was $90,000.

Barr also said that Ed Thomas will be the new campaign chair next year and made final remarks, including the Community Foundation of Shelby County’s Match Day.

“We will be participating in Match Day. We will have donors that will be coming into our campaign through that, so we know our number’s gonna continue to move. Stay tuned as final numbers will be complete in the future, and when they are, we’re really excited about where we think they’re gonna come in at,” Barr said.

Outgoing board members recognized were Brent Schroeder, Linda Maurer and Allen Bertke.

United Way Campaign Chair Duane Gaier points to the audience as he talks about the campaign during the finale luncheon Thursday at the Shelby County Veterans Center.

United Way President and CEO Scott Barr discusses the 2022 campaign during Thursday’s finale luncheon.

Chad Hollinger, United Way board chair, gives remarks during the campaign finale luncheon Thursday.

United Way President and CEO Scott Barr thanks outgoing board member Linda Maurer for her dedication to the local board.


Article from: https://www.sidneydailynews.com/news/230925/united-way-closing-the-gap-to-2022-goal