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Shelby County United Way Launches 110% Club

Scott Barr, President and CEO, “We are excited to introduce the 110% Club as a way to recognize company and individual donors that increase their gift 10% or more from the previous year’s annual campaign. This effort is to help drive additional revenue to assist with our investments to our partner agencies. This is an ongoing recognition. Each year a donor increases their gift 10%, they will be recognized.”

The past two years we all have been impacted by inflation and higher costs. Our partner agencies have not been immune to these same challenges while trying to serve their clients. The Shelby County United Way received a quarter of a million dollars in increased funding requests this spring. We have heard loud and clear from our partner agencies during the allocation process; they need additional revenue. Labor costs to retain and attract dedicated employees and operational supply costs are impacting their budgets. With past campaign support, we were able to increase funding by $80,000, but a far cry from what the agencies requested.

To help grow revenue, we are thrilled to launch the 110% Club. We have many donors, both in the workplace payroll campaign and in our Cornerstone Leadership Giving that have contributed the same amount for the past 10 years. As an example, a $500 donation is very generous, but the impact it made in the community in 2013 was much more than a $500 gift makes in 2023. Ashley Himes, United Way Board Chair, “We are asking all donors to consider increasing their gift by 10% or more than last year. You will be recognized as a member of the 110% Club. You can help us close the operational gap that our partner agencies have so they can continue to provide the much-needed services in our community.” The 110% Club will be implemented in the 2023 annual campaign. Pacesetters will start their campaign in August with the full campaign launching after the kickoff on September 14th that will be held at the Palazzo starting at 11:30AM.